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to the desk. a khou channel 11 news into an investigation about questionable expenses at the port of oakland. good morning allie. >> reporter: it is business as usual with some of the cranes and on the administrative side of things there has been a shakeup in leader -- been a shakeup in leadership. in that letter he explains he is stepping town because of questionable expenses. this all stems from a ktvu investigation starting with a $4,500 tab paid for with public money with james want.
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but ben man is his boss and a according to him he was present. they hired an outside investigators to investigate that. he will serve as his director. the port of oakland is an independent department of city of the oakland and over sees not just the city of oakland but the airport as well. they have a regularly scheduled meeting and they will be discussing some of their policies at that thursday meeting. khou channel 11 news. we have new details involving the scandal former director general david petraeus and it now involves another
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official. he is now under investigation for reportedly exchanges inappropriate e-mails to the woman who was linked to the general david petraeus scan tall. there is now thousands of e- mails between them and he did not say if they were sexual in nature. they are also saying there were other e-mails but did not say more. >> he is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed to put his nomination on hold until actions are tang. >> reporter: he was supposed to be heard at a confirmation
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hearing and that hear be has now been lunched. they are now under investigation by the fbi's internal affairs department. they report the agent is a friend of joe kelly's but supervisor's became concerned that the agent may have become obsessed and after learning more he learned cia officials -- cia officials are trying to find out more. they are trying to make sensof what happened. they killed a 22-year-old marine. hehe drove into an officer and tried to drive away with an officer hanging from his car
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window. a passenger from the car was arrested for public inn together occasion. he was arrested and was set set to be back. he is accused of attacking three women along the 34th street core don't he is charged with 26 fell miss and faces a life sentence in convicted on all three counts. an 11-year-old boy reported missing by his family is home after being reunited. the father called police on sunday after learning the son never showed up at a friend. the boy said he didn't want to call his father because he was
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afraid his father would not let him stay. >> what did you think when you saw police? >> surprised. >> what did you think when you saw your father? >> surprised. >> the 6th grade boy promises to never do that again. 4:24, wonder bread and hostess cup cakes, it is on strike. thousands went on strike saturday nightment they are angry after hostess filed for bankruptcy. >> at least half of these people were supposed to retire and they were not able to retire because of the top pay
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and pension. >> negotiations to end the grocery's strike, meanwhile, they may have to settle soon so that they have paychecks this upcoming holiday season. student protests are planned in long beach as cal state considered a proposal. despite the passage of prop 30 and the $250 million budget cut, despite this idea they are to make room for new ideas and they will meet to discuss prop 30's pass and. here is sal for a look at the
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commute. hi, sale. i don't think you will have the same thing, everybody was observing veterans day as they were boarding the art art. also boarding the westbound bay bridge, it is still very light. this morning there is a little bit of road work in the area of 92 watch for slow traffic approaching peninsular avenue. 4:37 let's go to steve. good morning everybody, mostly clear, a few high clouds taking aim at the north bay overall it is going to be a mostly sunny day. it is cold inland 34 napa, 49
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in san francisco, an easterly breeze helping some on the coast, but a warmer pattern has started and we will top it out on wednesday. we will keep an eye on the system over here which looks like we want to get off to a good start, temperatures are on their way but it is tough to warm up. easterly president, that means the coast warms up. warmer in san francisco than in antioch, why are and we will cloud it up friday, more likely as we head into the weekend it will be a cloudy day and rain develops on sun tie manny
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ramirez. >> antivirus pioneer why police want to talk to john macphee. why you may not see some at worked to. and good morning, the commute will be a lot different today than it was yesterday.
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. welcome back, an autopsy can be performed today after a woman was taking out her trash yesterday and discovered joshua press. they say the woman knew perez and he stayed at her home from time to time.
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police said there was no obvious sign on his body but alcohol may have been a sign of his death. and his pickup truck crashed into marin county it happened 5:45 last night. witnesses tell the police the driver was weaving before he hit the water. the dive team pulled the man from the water but they were not able to resuscitate him. they are not releasing the man's name until his family has been notified. the driver of a "b" mw crashed into a big-rig and the truck crashed into a trailer. they suffered only minor injuries but the crash caused a
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big traffic back up. they released the new surveillance cameras. this is video of new cameras installed in the corridor in 2008. the a.c.l.u. opposes it and said they rarely reduce crime. they braved the coldness to get their hands on one of the hottest video became of the year 400 people lined up at the game stop and they were waiting for the new call of duty block ops 2 and the game is set in the year 2025 and is set with zombies. >> the big thing, it is the
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mullettable player. they get online with their friends and they will play all night long. >> some of the people in line waited as the early as 5:30 a.m. they even brought in a band to entertainment. one in four people are expected to call in sick today in order to play their new game. there are reports this morning how they left them after three season. apple is expected to undergo a physical and the 33-year-old pitcher pitched more than 63 innings with a one and two
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record. sal? >> that is a good sign. >> yes, i think so. >> he pitched really well in the world series. >> i was like, you get what you want. traffic is moving a around well in the bay area. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 880 split and now the traffic on 880, no major problems coming across the bridge and into the city. if you are on the peninsular, they are picking up the cones and traffic is beginning to dissipate. if you want to be ultrasafe, 280 is up and down on the peninsular. let's go to steve. thank you sal. it is cold inland not too bad on the coast, the system out here is driving to the
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north, maybe late thursday more likely into friday, napa is in there, stock tons -- stockton, it will be tough to be warm but we will continuing into wednesday and then low pressure system out here will send in a few clouds. today it sends most of those to the north so we tonight have to worry. a little easterly breeze, mid- to-upper 74 in santa cruz, gilroy 73 in red wood city. it looks food until ursday and it could be some light rain and we could see some monday,
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go ahead pam. at least two are known gang members. the arrests came on madera street yesterday morning. police seized two assault rifles and marijuana. four people were injured in a shooting involving that same gang. and oakland police are investigating a shooting which happened 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it happened in the east month mall. the car was later found on east month international. they want to question antivirus mcphee who was called
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a person of interest. he lives near him on the island of bay lease and was found shot to death. he exhibited quote, roguish behavior and he told the police he was not involved. new york city has already approved a plan to repair schools and hospitals. 23 schools and two city owned hospitals remain chosed. volunteers have filled a baseball shed with 97 boxes of supplies including blankets and diapers. and the man who organized it
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was devastated to see the devastation from hurricane sandy. >> i have spent a lot of my time here as a child, it is horrible to see this. i had to get involved. >> they are getting some much immediate needed reservations and it was approved by voters in june and defendants of the coit family and hitch connect donated -- hitch cox donated the money to the tower. >> i always want to make sure i am respectful and cognizant to everybody here. >> they were painted during the
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depression and they are now in the process of restoring them. it would limit alcohol permits in one neighborhood. david chu was trying to keep more liquor stores from opening on polk street. there are already 6 of them on a long stretch of polk. many are complaining about the nightlife. the meeting will be at the library. black friday is becoming more like black thursday and scores are now getting ready to open on things giving. the area is deal with increased traffic which came with the area before the
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. welcome back, time now 4:53. officer james was shot by a carjacking suspect at franklin and pine back on november 13th 1994. he shot back and he was wearing
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a jacket. the incident supported a bill making it illegal to sell body armor to felons. they are trying to enjoy a meal with family and friends and for others, it is the holiday shopping season and wal- mart and sears are opening on thanksgiving day which has a lot of shoppers excited. >> i will be standing in line just because, and i will be looking for clothes at the mall. >> not everybody is happy about black friday starting thanksgiving night. they started an online petition asking them hold the line for their families. the petition has 170,000 signatures already. >> par gone outlets opened and
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a preliminary number indicates 350,000 visitors between thursday and sunday. several stores at the mall said they broke sales records and because of all of the shoppers they were forced to open two parking lots and 4:54 is the time. >> go ahead and stim late the economy anyway you can, pam. good morning, let's take a look at the commute. well, you know there is that phenomenon and there is a little bit on the freeway. let's did out and take a look
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at a problem we have in daily city. there is a water-main break near hill side park. it looks like a fire department and it is a pretty significant water-main break and it's unletter and we will let you know more as we find out more. 880 southbound, traffic is looking good in both directions and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is looking good but today more people will be using the bridge than yesterday. cold out there for some and in san francisco, it is 52. that is because they are getting and easterly breeze inland so a cold start and sunday for most, i will get out of the way so you can see these. they officially -- occasionally get some of these higher clouds. 52 in san francisco, san jose is 43. it is not too strong of a
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breeze, i have seen parts of elevations and even parts of the peninsular. no doubt about it, they will be checking in with mid-70s, everyone else is looking for temperatures, when you start off with 35 and 36, the coast helps with that easterly breeze and that means upper 60s to 70s for some and especially santa cruz, gilroy look food be then we start to see an increase and maybe some light rain and rain will be developing on saturday and we will take that into sunday and monday, pam. thank you steve. another big day for president barack obama as he gets ready for his second term. the critical meeting today to avoid the so called fiscal
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cliff. also a marine in san jose killed by south bay police, the information they are learning this morning, stay tuned.
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